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Student Development and Welfare(SDW)

SDW Coordinator -Mr. Anandkumar S. Birajdar
Email Id: anand.birajdar@ pccoepune.org

Student Development and Welfare Cell provides services, programs, and facilities that gears toward students' success and future positive contributions to the society. To inculcate these ideals, the Student and Welfare Development Cell ensures strict compliance with the proper norm of conduct and discipline; as well as to provide students the support systems necessary to reach their full potentials while addressing their needs. The Five Areas of Development is a holistic approach to learning for Cerebral, Emotional, Physical, Social and Spiritual development, which can be achieved by following objectives.

    The main Objectives of SDW Cell at Department are:
  • To develop and promote a comprehensive student engagement policy that recognises a positive and engaging culture which contributes towards quality academic outcomes.
  • To foster the overall professional development of students
  • To inculcate Aptitude and Logical reasoning among students.
  • To participate in student wellbeing professional networks and resolving societal issues.
  • To enhance the technical, creative, innovative, research aptitude skills among students.
  • To facilitate cultural, artistic and ethical awareness to students.
  • To provide team building, management, communication, independent life long learning approach among students in multidisciplinary settings.

    Targets to be achieved:
  • Make ACM, IET, CSI Professional Chapters more active at global level through different creative activities.
  • Students should get cash rewards through various schemes and events at National and International platforms.
  • Increase Professional Chapters memberships and networks.
  • Motivate students for Higher Studies, ISR and Cultural activity participation and recognition.
Student Development and Welfare(SDW) Advisors
Ms. Anagha N. Chaudhari
Prof. Dr. K. Rajeswari
Mr. Ganesh S. Deshmukh
Cells under Student Development and Welfare(SDW)

Mr. Rahul R. Pitale
Contact : 9420240035
Email : rahulpitale3@gmail.com
CESA is the Computer Engineering Students Association of the Department of Computer Engineering at PCCOE, Pune. Team CESA was created in 2012 with the strong support of our respected HOD, Dr. K. Rajeswari. It works on chapters like PCCOE ACM Student Chapter, PCCOE ACM-W Student Chapter, CSI, and IET. It is the managing body that handles all the events in the department. CESA was awarded with Outstanding community service award for the year 2020 at International Level. It introduced various Student Development Cells to the Department like Art Circle, Higher Studies, Communication and Personality Development Cell, Professional Development Cell, NSS and Sports Cell. By 2021 we have added cells like Coding Cell, Photography Cell and ISR. PCCOE ACM

Aditi Sambare
Sahil Shinde
Vice President
Om Bidve
Vice President
  • Karthik Chaudhari

  • Sahil shinde
  • Raj Phirke

  • Sarthak jhambre

  • Saish Kothawade
  • Yash Dahake

Web Masters
  • Omkar Bhale
  • Suraj Tade
  • Shreyash Khandagale
  • Yash Waghmare

Design Team Head
  • Hardik Jain
  • Ayush Sarode
  • Shrutee Dahake

Social Media Team Head
  • Ankita Nandy
  • Radhika Gaikwad

Membership Chair Team
  • Karteek Patil
  • Anush Shetty

Prof. Madhuri Suryavanshi
Contact : 8329336695
Email : madhuri.suryavanshi@pccoepune.org
The NSS cell aims to inculcate the idea of social welfare among students and to provide service to society without bias. It aims to develop among members a sense of social and civic responsibility. Responsibilities include working among people and engage in creative and constructive social action. NSS volunteers work to ensure that everyone who is needy gets help to enhance their standard of living. While working for society, volunteers learn how to perform in a team effectively, how to perform various social activities and how to lead a good life despite a scarcity of resources.

Hardeek Patel
NSS Cell Head
Rutuja Tallapali
NSS Cell Head

Ms. Kavita Kolpe
Contact : 8805282900
Email : kavita.kolpe@pccoepune.org
Institutional social responsibility is an active agent towards social change. ISR is one the key pillars of PCCOE coordinated by Asst.Prof Sagar Salunke. We as a team believe that is a platform for the students and faculty members to participate in various social outreach projects for the benefit of the community. With the vision and mission to help the society at large with the projects and awareness program towards the development of Underprivileged, physically challenged people and also helps for the necessary accommodation. It's a beautiful addition of values,responsibilities and cultures.

Dipak Hirve
ISR Cell Head
Tabassum Syed
ISR Cell Head

Mr. Kapil D. Tajane
Contact : 9823400036
Email Id: kapiltajane@gmail.com
Higher Studies Cell is formed with an objective to promote higher education awareness among students and motivate them for pursuing higher education. The students should be capable of implementing their knowledge and skills in the areas of studies which will help them to satisfy employability needs of all sectors. Higher studies provides a platform through which outside of earning a degree, one will intensify critical thinking, analytics, written and communication, and problem-solving skills. Enthusiastic indulgent of students towards higher education is the main goal of this cell.

Mugdha Kshirsagar
HSC Head
Shrushtee Khirwadkar
HSC Head

Mr. Anandkumar S. Birajdar
Contact :9960007589
Email :anand.birajdar@ pccoepune.org
This cell encourages students to engage in physical activities and strives to increase the number. of students participating in National and State Level Sports and to organize various sports events on campus.

Aniket Choudhar
Sports Cell Head
Ajaykumar Shendage
Sports Cell Head

Prof. Madhuri Suryavanshi
Contact : 8329336695
Email : madhuri.suryavanshi@pccoepune.org
Photography Cell is established to Encourage the budding Photography loving Students. The purpose of photography is to communicate and document moments in time. When you take a photograph and share it with others, you're showing a moment that was frozen through a picture. Photography cell helps students express their art in the best way possible.

Tanmay Jain
Photography Cell Head

Mr. Rahul R. Pitale
Contact : 9420240035
Email : rahulpitale3@gmail.com
Coding club is built with the intention of spreading awareness about programming amongst college students. It motivates the students to get proficiency in general programming, data structure and many such concepts which help in competitive programming It's role is not only to help students to learn a language and solve a problem but also to make them understand what is the logic behind each statement. As a member of the coding cell, it is their responsibility to ensure that every student from every year gets the benefit in some or another way.

Bhushan Patil
Coding Cell Head
Atharva Chaudhari
Coding Cell Head
Shruti Biradar
Coding Cell Head
Vaishnavi Kanhegaonkar
Coding Cell Head

Prof. Madhuri Suryavanshi
Contact : 8329336695
Email : madhuri.suryavanshi@pccoepune.org
Art Circle cell comes under SDW cells (Student Development and Welfare). Art Circle intends to showcase your talents in the fine arts. It has clubs that support your talents and give you a space to perform and present them. It has 10 different clubs like dance, theater, music, painting etc. where one can showcase their talents. Activities include dance competition, singing competition, short film making workshop, short film competition. For the change from general activities, we had conducted two different competitions last year namely Digital Art Competition and Express an Emotion under art circle cell.

Sanjay Chilveri
Art Circle Cell Head
Vaishnavi Kanhegaonkar
Art Circle Cell Head