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See Details Speaker : Mr. Anup Kalbalia
Topic : Expert Talk On Competitive Programming

See Details Speaker :Rohit Joshi
Topic : Community Session Internship And Beyond

See Details Speaker : Dr. Abhijat vichare
Topic : Mathematical modelling in Computer Science

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See Details Cyber Security is one of the most emerging domain in Computer Science, it is essential for one to have a sort of understanding, being a computer engineering student, PCCOE ACM Students Chapter, Team CESA along with OWASP Students Chapter organized an informative session “Mission Securify''. Arya Kaslikar, Sahil Bomblee and Deep Dhakate (Student Coordinators of PCCOE OWASP Student Chapter) were the speakers. The session started with “what is cyber security”, its need, and career opportunities in the market, followed by a small practical example.

See Details GitHub is most important thing to be used in the software world or say the tech world. Students Should know what Git and Github is and so we organized a session on intro to Git and Github with collaboration of GDSC PCCOE to deliver it. We covered the basics of Git & GitHub and also made students do hands-on experience on it to ensure proper learning. The winners will get interesting rewards.

See Details Our HSC Cell, aims to promote higher education awareness among the students and motivate them for pursuing higher informative and awareness session to help you pursue your masters abroad for the academic year 2022- 23. education. We are glad to inform you that, we are here with " LEARN TO FLY, FLY TO LEARN " session which is an higher education. Here's our alumni Chirag Khachane from our branch who is going to pursue his Masters and currently is an journey abroad. Topics he covered are : application Development Associate at Accenture,Pune. He is going to deliver an amazing and informative session on Master's With the emerging opportunities for grabbing knowledge, it becomes important for us to propagate these opportunities in 1. A perfect ROADMAP for master's abroad. 3. How to select universities wisely. 2. How and when to prepare for GRE, IELTS and TOEFL. 4. How to save time in searching for universities and their websites. 5. How to get authentic and appropriate information about universities, their rankings and programs they offer.

See Details A Special Guest session by Mr. Tejas Morkar on 'Insights into Containerization, Azure and Microsoft learn student ambassador program (MLSAP) was arranged by PCCOE ACM Student Chapter, Team CESA And GDSC(Google developer Student Club). Mr. Tejas Morkar is an alumnus of PCCOE. In this session, Mr. Tejas discussed on: -Introductory information about containerization. -Why businesses are moving toward containerized applications for deployment. -Ways to start exploring containers. -Fundamentals about Azure and its services. -A brief about the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program + some tips for MLSA application . Using help and knowledge shared by Mr. Tejas, Students were able to Understand new concepts as well as understand the basic concepts of this. The winners will get interesting rewards.

See Details CESA brings forth to you the most awaiting session on Python for Data analysis (part 1) exclusively for you The session will acquaint you with the basic understanding of Python and how to use it to analyze, visualize and present data. It was a hands-on session which helped them understand concepts. enthusiasts

See Details Coding cell hosted a "Programming Contest" ; "Plagiarism Beginner Round A," which will test your Topics covered: if-else, pattern printing, arrays, prefix sums. It was open for all; SY, TY and BE to participate. problem-solving ability, coding knowledge, logic, and speed.

See Details On the occasion of Engineer's Day, PCCOE ACM Student Chapter, Team CESA, and Google Developer Student Club PCCOE have planned to conduct 2 competitions. Web Development Competition: It will be an offline competition where students will be asked to design a website based on the given problem statement. Any framework can be used. A time span of 3 hours will be given to complete the design and present it. Submission needs to be made on the same day. UI/UX design-making competition It will be a three-day long competition where students may participate alone or in a group of two. They must create a website based on a provided issue statement that has a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 10. Any design software including Figma, Adobe XD, and others can be used. Participants must present their designs offline on September 15. The top 3 designs will be featured on the social media channels of ACM PCCOE and GDSC. The winners will get interesting rewards.

See Details A Special Guest Dr. Prashant Nair He is Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore. He has 20 years of teaching, research, mentoring, training, consultancy and academic administration experience. We have invited him to give a session to students and to other professional on - -How to prepare for ACM ICPC Contest -How to Win a Hackathon

See Details On the occasion of Teacher's Day, the PCCOE ACM Student Chapter and Team CESA hosted a off their talents. Three dancers, Sanjay, Yash, Ayush, and Shailendra, performed at the event. Om and Nisarga function for PCCoE teachers. An event where they could have fun, enjoy themselves, play games, and show performed a duet . Ankita also performed a solo song. The teachers were given mementos and snacks. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all faculty and students present.

See Details Mr. Raghav Koli inspired Students in their personal lives, academic pursuits, and other facets of life with his excellent motivational address. He has a book, and he told us about it, describing it in detail and even getting us to envision parts of it. Instead of delivering a dry motivating lecture, he cracked jokes and had the full attention of every student. Mr. Raghav Koli even offered grant-discounted copies of his book to pupils.

See Details Within the last four years, demand for machine learning jobs has risen by almost 75 percent, and this trend is expected to continue. Machine Learning becomes a necessary skill to survive in this competitive industry with this kind of popularity. So in light of this thought, PCCOE ACM student chapter conducted a Machine Learning event hosted by their peers for students of PCCOE. This is an interactive event conducted to share insights on machine learning.

See Details In the International Collegiate Programming Contest, college students compete in algorithmic programming. Students work in teams of three, representing their university, to solve the most real-world problems, fostering collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Training and competition challenges teams to raise the bar on what is possible. This is the world's oldest, largest, and most prestigious programming contest. To guide PCCOE Students about ICPC, a session was organized by Team CESA and PCCOE ACM Student Chapter. The speaker was Pankaj Jahagirdar, an alumina of PCCOE who himself was a participant of ICPC. His guidance surely helped a lot of students to understand the whole procedure. learning. The winners will get interesting rewards.

See Details India will complete the 75 years of Independence on 15th August 2022 but India will celebrate the 76th Independence day. We all have a little more patriotism within us than we exhibit. When The country wins, when the country makes new records, we shine up with pride & there is a feeling of mutual happiness that prevails in the country the next day. We love the Himalayas more than Kilimanjaro & respect the diverse culture that makes us all one. There is no country like India & We are proud to be #Indians. CESA brings to you the Independence Photography Contest about Celebrating India through pictures. It’s time to revisit your photo gallery & show the world your Shade of India.

See Details The PCCOE ACM Student Chapter and Team CESA collaborated on the organisation of a Food food to those in need who were located in and around the college. This effort resulted in the distribution of a Donation Drive that took place on September 8th, 2022. As part of this initiative, the CESA team handed out total of 20 plates of food.

An initiative taken to help those students who are afraid to speak out what they think. The initiative will help these students free up their thoughts without any kind of hesitation by creating a friendly and comfortable environment while interacting with them in the best way possible. This kind of environment will help students think about their lives, problems in a positive manner which in turn will help them solve their problems/difficulties in a wiser manner. Till date, we are able to help many students solve their problems/ difficulties in a wiser way

Student Participation Outside PCCOE

From our college PCCoE 19 teams participated in the Preliminary round .Top team got a rank of 783 / 4992 . According to region criteria, the Crazycoders was able to qualify for regionals round.
Team Name: CrazyCoders
Coach: Prof . Ashwini Ladekar
Participant Details:
1. Tushar Varkhede (BE Comp)
2. Rahul Badgujar (BE IT)
3. Ashish Dhane (TE IT)

--> Google Developer Group Cloud organizes DevFests, tech talks, workshops, boot camps, Google flagship events, meet-ups, hackathons, study-jams, hands-on learning, idea-sharing, and much more throughout the year, where programmers meet to discuss and work with several Google developer resources and products. One of them is GDG cloud meetup, through which they introduce college students and experts from the industry to multiple creative Google features as well as emerging market and technological trends. There were more than 10 speakers in the GDG meetup in Pune, and the event was managed and conducted successfully. The location was the Conrad Hotel in Pune. approximately 500 individuals, including professionals and students, attended.